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The Burnelli Company, Inc. is a Delaware corporation that was formed in 1938 by Vincent Justus Burnelli, the creator and inventor of the Burnelli Lifting-Body technology.  Burnelli first reduced his Lifting-Body technology to practice in 1921 with the RB-1.

On of the largest aircraft of its time
On of the largest aircraft of its time

Neither Vincent Burnelli, nor the Burnelli Company have been able to utilise or benefit from the lifting-body technology patent during it’s normal life – for reasons beyond their control.  As such, we consider that until such time as the Burnelli Company can start benefitting from it’s patents, the time of enjoyment of the patent has not started to run.

Unfortunately, the cost to the Burnelli Company, its inability to enjoy the fruit of its intellectual property is but a small price in contrast with the many lives that have needlessly lost due to uncrashworthy and unsafe aircraft that have dominated commercial air travel.

Since 1938, this company’s objective and purpose has been and is the acceptance of the Burnelli Lifting-Body principle of design (a.k.a. Burnelli Lifting-Body/Lifting-Fuselage technology) into the mainstream and the gradual switch from the conventional aircraft which has low survivability to using Burnelli Lifting-Body technology which provides greater efficiency, greater capacity both in cubic footage and weight, crashworthiness (survivability), and better overall safety.

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